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You can donate your old vehicle in exchange for a donation to the Fondation Tel-jeunes, buy a reusable bag or renew your phone plan at the right time… all for the cause!

Many companies that you probably know support the Fondation Tel-jeunes. Thanks to them, your little everyday actions become a way to help us pursue our mission and make sure all the young people and parents who need it have access to professional support services, whatever the time of day or night and wherever they live in Quebec.

Supporting their initiatives = Supporting our cause

Mon étui pour la vie

Great iPhone cases for a good cause! For each case sold, $10 will be given directly to the Fondation Tel-jeunes.

See the cases

Undermess aims to spread a spirit of hope and perseverance with music workshops in Quebec's schools.

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Recettes en pot

Want to support the cause while eating? If you buy cookies, a vegan chili and a lot of other recipes, 40% of the price will go to the Fondation.

See all the recipes

You’re thinking of changing cars?

Choose Car for Life and give 100% of the trade-in price to the Fondation Tel-jeunes!

Find out the value of your donation according to your vehicle
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