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The Fondation Tel-jeunes has particular concern about creating strong and lasting relationships with companies who believe in the relevance of Tel-jeunes and LigneParents.

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Each dollar invested in the Fondation Tel-jeunes is put directly to funding services for young people and parents in Quebec.

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You can donate to the Fondation Tel-jeunes in memory of a deceased loved one. If you wish, the Fondation Tel-jeunes will send a sympathy message to the family (without mention of the amount).

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Supporting a cause that is important to you and enjoying fiscal advantages may be an appealing option for you.

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Each year, the Fondation Tel-jeunes can count on the continued support of partners who believe in its cause and in the relevance and quality of its services. Thank you!

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Thanks for helping me, seriously. I always feel ike everything in my head is a mess. Tonight its liek i worked somethng outt, soemthing that was takign up to much room. It’s awesome how you help people liek that. :) I think ill be okay for my friends. ill have to get used to using your advice but itll be ok... Just that was abig help. Thanks again! ok I’m done. :) S. (14-year-old user - Tel-jeunes)
Seriously it really helped to talk! Yeah, people appreciate our advice It was good to talk to you. now I don’t feel like thinking about suicide anymore. i wanna talk about it, not do it Ben (Young text user - Tel-jeunes )
2 or 3 weeks ago isent a tm too to know what to do after a brk-up becaus eit was my first time and you explained everything thanks so much. It really helped alot especially because we can’T always talk about those things w/ our parents, especially me, cuz in my culture its not good to have boyfriends before marriage so thx!!! R. (17-year-old text user - Tel-jeunes)
Have a good evening Youre a good person to do this. Being a teenager isn’t easy. You do awesome work and I hope I dont need you again bt I know your there in case I do. Have a nice life☺️ Roxy (14-year-old text user - Tel-jeunes)
I wont forget! I gotta go but thx for your advice, I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Really. Thanks foor everything, I really really appreciate it!! Flo (16-year-old text user - Tel-jeunes)

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By donating, you can make a difference in the lives of thousands of young Quebecers.

Your gift of $5,000 and more will be posted on our website.

You will be among the proud friends and partners of the Fondation Tel-jeunes.

The Fondation Tel-jeunes ensures Tel-jeunes’ and the LigneParents’ longevity and reach. These two hotlines provide young people and parents with professional help when needed, 7 days a week, throughout Quebec.

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